Boat/Watercraft Insurance

With over 20 rivers and lakes flowing through the state of Iowa, it is no wonder that many residents take on a boat and watercraft hobby during the warmer season. The safest way to take on these open waters is to have you and your watercraft insured with Butterbaugh Insurance Center.

Is boat/watercraft insurance required?

While the state of Iowa does not require this insurance to be carried on watercraft, any lender that has a lien on vehicles may require that the insurance be carried. Also, it provides a layer of protection against accidents that could happen.

Collision Coverage

If your boat, jet ski, or another type of watercraft is involved in a collision, you are covered for damages and medical assistance. Since it is not a required insurance policy, the chances of the other driver having insurance are possible, leaving you to cover the damages in an accident that was not your fault. With collision coverage, you can get that assistance through your insurance policy.

Liability Protection

Maybe you were responsible for the accident involving your watercraft or boat. With insurance, you can make a claim and get the assistance you need to cover the damages and medical expenses for you and those you hit. Without liability protection, you would be forced to cover these costs out of your own funds, which could be drastic depending on the level of damage you have caused.

Comprehensive Coverage

Half of the insurance claims come from theft and vandalism damages that happen while the boat or watercraft is being stored on the property. With comprehensive protection, you can get repair assistance or replacement coverage for your watercraft when it is not in the water being stored or traveling from one destination to the next.

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