Home Insurance

If you're a homeowner in Iowa, chances are likely that your home is the most valuable asset you have. Therefore it's so important to invest in the right home insurance policy. We offer home insurance at Butterbaugh Insurance Center. You can find a home insurance policy to meet your needs with our assistance. We're also here to offer information and answer any questions you may have on home insurance options in your area.

Things to know when you're on the market for home insurance

Being informed is important when it comes to meeting your insurance needs. There are a few things it's important you're aware of to find a home insurance policy to suit your situation. The following are a few important things to know.

Your home insurance policy will have a deductible.

Like most other insurance types, home insurance policies include a deductible. The deductible is an amount you have to pay for a particular claim before your insurance company will start paying for damages.

Your mortgage lender will have insurance requirements.

Mortgage lenders always require that their borrowers have home insurance. That's because home insurance ensures the value of the property.

A home insurance policy will not automatically include flood insurance.

First-time homeowners are often surprised to learn that home insurance doesn't usually include flood coverage. If you want flood coverage, you'll probably have to invest in additional coverage.

Steps to finding insurance coverage for your home

It's important to evaluate your insurance needs and shop around by getting multiple quotes. Research home insurance providers in your area. Home insurance providers are generally happy to give out quotes on policies to interested homeowners.

Get your home covered for financial security and peace of mind. At Butterbaugh Insurance Center, we're devoted to helping Iowa consumers to find the insurance solutions that best meet their needs. Visit our website or give us a call to learn more!